Our manifesto

Above all safe and independent.

The more independence for your wealth manager, the better. Complete independence means that your wealth manager is free to solely serve your interest, and not someone else’s. Unfortunately, one single dependency issue still exists to this day: regulations requires your asset manager to rely on a custodian bank. 

A custodian bank is an organisation where your asset manager deposits your money and your securities, such as shares and bonds. In this way, your asset manager can comply with the legal obligation to store your assets in a safe manner. Such a custodian bank is often an expensive paid service provided by a bank, while that bank is actually a competitor of your asset manager: after all, they also provide asset management services themselves. What’s more, it’s not easy to switch from one custodian bank to another in daily practice: you and your asset manager are therefore tied with your hands to one bank…

By joining hands, we’re unlocking all relevant services directly within institutional banks.’

That’s why we took control with a group of asset managers and founded Knox: our own (future) custodian institution as an alternative to the existing banks. By joining forces under the Knox banner, we can jointly purchase banking services: in this way, we can create purchasing advantages and select the most suitable partners. In addition, Knox uses the latest and most user-friendly technology.

And of course everything is super safe and we will be fully supervised by the AFM. This makes us just as independent, safe and impregnable a bastion as Fort Knox — the fortress where the American gold supply is guarded: hence the name.

The team behind Knox.

Pieter foto juli 2019

Pieter Aartsen

Managing Director


Pieter has been working in the financial sector since 1990. Pieter built BinckBank into the largest custodian bank for asset managers in the Netherlands and contributed to the establishment of TOM (The Order Machine) and BeFrank (the first PPI in the Netherlands). After leaving BinckBank, Pieter started his own consultancy company Fynn for advice in savings and investments. Fynn was merged into cloud-based banking platform provider Ohpen. Pieter currently focuses on strategic advice, interim management and supervision in the financial sector. In June 2019 Pieter joined Knox as Managing Director.

Foto Klaartje Knox 140819

Klaartje de Beer

Director Legal & Compliance


Klaartje started working in the financial sector in 1998 as an equity analyst at FBS Bankiers, before heading up the Product Development & Marketing, Midoffice and Client Acceptance departments. When VVAA Groep acquired FBS Bankiers, Klaartje led the transformation of the securities bank into a general bank and became a member of the board of directors. She then worked as Private Banking Manager at Bank ten Cate & Cie and went on to study law to specialise in the field of Legal & Compliance. She was also project director at Stichting Jongerenrechtbanken Nederland, where she has been a board member since early 2019. Klaartje currently works as Compliance Officer at an asset manager and National Borg/​AmTrust. In June 2019 she joined Knox as a director.

Foto Jaap juli 2019

Jaap Arkesteijn

Director of Operations


Jaap has been working in the financial sector since 1981. He started at large banks and securities firms; AMRO Bank, CSFB and Kempen & Co. Subsequently, he held various management positions at independent investment firms and asset managers, including the Amsterdams Effectenkantoor (AEK). He was also a director of the Association of Asset Managers and Advisors (Vv&A) for 12 years. Currently Jaap is active as an independent entrepreneur in management advice and support and is a partner at Amstel Securities LLP. In June 2019 Jaap joined Knox as a director.

Foto Willem Juli 2019

Willem Meijer


Willem has spent his whole career in the financial industry. After his last position as CEO for TOM (The Order Machine), Willem started his own company in the area of strategic advice, Interim-management, supervision and mediation. Additionally, he’s an independent director at the Enterprise Division (Amsterdam Court of Appeal). In June 2019, he became a member of the Supervisory Board of Knox.

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