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Why should I choose Knox.

Knox is the custodian institution established for and by asset managers: by joining forces, we can access the necessary services directly at institutional banks: we are therefore no longer dependent on banks that are also our competitors, we can more easily select suitable partners, and by working together we create purchasing advantages.

In addition, Knox uses the latest technology: Knox offers a complete banking platform for wealth & asset managers. This allows us to keep costs low, which is good news for our clients’ returns.

The first depository of and for asset managers
Purchasing advantage through cooperation
Automation of entire asset management cycle
Safety comes first Knox complies with all relevant laws and regulations

As asset managers, we prefer to work as independently as possible: we all have our own specific ideas about how to generate the best returns, and we prefer to make important investment decisions for our clients ourselves. We believe that this is how our client’s interest is best served – and no one else’s. That’s why we thought it’s time to start our own fully independent custodian service.

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