The Knox Banking Platform.

Built with Blanco’s innovative technology, allowing you to focus on your clients again. 

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Hero technology

Our banking platform automates the full asset management cycle.

Knox is not only your own depository. Knox also offers a customer-ready, cloud-based SaaS platform that relieves you as an asset manager of all your worries. In a technology dominated future, our banking platform is in fact your own robo advisor.

The technology makes asset management much less complex and much more efficient, thus reducing costs. You are still the one who takes care of the customer contact and takes the important investment decisions. At Knox, we strongly believe in the fact that financial services cannot be provided without human trust and empathy.

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Our platform enables you to comply immediately with legislation and regulations.
Rely on the technology of the ISAE3402 certified Blank.

Platform Modules

Module 1

Client Onboarding

The easiest and quickest way to board your clients: instead of days, the onboarding process with Knox’s Client Onboarding Module only takes a few minutes for simple products and 60 minutes in the case of more complex services.
  • Experience Blanco’s user-friendliness: an obvious intake procedure, based on a structured interface, consistently based on the same steps — including client due diligence.
  • Legally identify your clients through a passport scan and liveness check.
  • Perform a check through sanction lists & PEP tests.
  • Create the client interface in your own look and feel.
  • Use digital signatures. 
  • Sign contracts through e‑identity: sms, iDEAL, iDIN, ITSME.
Module 1
Module 2

Financial Investment Plan

Get insight into the financial situation, investment goal and risk appetite of your client, in order to generate suitable investment proposals.
  • Determine the knowledge and experience of your client, in order to offer appropriate services.
  • Use a scientifically based questionnaire with risk-weighted answers to determine your client’s risk appetite.
  • Easily link the Knox Digital Asset Management Platform to your own model portfolios.
  • Use the built-in Monte-Carlo simulations to calculate the probability of reaching the investment target.
  • Automatically generate investment proposals for your clients.
Module 2
Module 3

Client File

Trust on our structured overview of all your client’s data in one secure vault. Ready to be updated anytime.
  • Store contracts and maintain and update client data, like client due diligence and KYC risk assessment. 
  • Receive automated notifications for essential client data, ranging from an expired passport or changes due to life events.
  • Periodically update your client’s financial investment plan, according to changes in his or hers personal situation (only in combination with module 2). 
  • Easily schedule notifications for client contact.
  • Instantly communicate with clients and share documents directly. 
  • Report and file portfolio performance (only in combination with module 4).
  • Simply overview and share your client’s securities portfolio (only in combination with module 5). 
Module 3
Module 4

Portfolio Management System

Easily create and manage model portfolios and link them to clients, based on their risk profile.
  • Create asset pools and link them to model portfolios to increase efficiency.
  • Keep a close look on client portfolios and rebalance to align with client’s risk profile.
  • The professional dashboard gives you a single overview of the total value of your assets under management.
  • Use the reporting feature to keep clients updated on the performance of their portfolio and share projections on achieving financial goals. 
  • Periodically rebalance your client portfolios through the automated order generator. 
Module 4
Module 5

Securities Administration

A complete cash, securities and order administration, including a built-in connection to institutional brokers and custodians.
  • Access a full administration for funds, ETFs, equities, bonds and long options, including a comprehensive audit trial.
  • Trust the built-in four-eyes principle in key processes. 
  • Rely on the integrated corporate actions handling and position reconsolidation.
  • Easily authorize users. 
  • Manage all transactions; collect transactions and reassign them to the respective initial client order. An option to place order in cash (fractioning) is included.
  • The Blanco Securities Administration takes care of regulatory reporting and client reporting.
Module 5

KNOX uses Blanco’s technology

The Blanco Digital Asset Management is built using serverless’ technology, and is fully cloud-based as a result. Simply login through the web or mobile interface and you’re in. Change the interface design to your own companies’ look and feel and impress your clients. 

But our software platform also provides an API for even further customization. An API can be described as a giant connector block in which you can put any socket you like: use our API to seamlessly connect our software to other software that you’re using. 

For example: enable your client data stored in Knox’s banking platform to appear in CRM tools like Hubspot or Mailchimp automatically. You could even go as far as designing your own interface and use the API to connect it to our software platform. 

With Blanco it’s not about technology being imposed on people. Blanco wants to develop technology that serves people. Because in the end, it’s not about us. It’s about you and your clients. 

Visit www​.useblanco​.com for more information about Blanco’s technology.

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As asset managers, we prefer to work as independently as possible: we all have our own specific ideas about how to generate the best returns, and we prefer to make important investment decisions for our clients ourselves. We believe that this is how our client’s interest is best served – and no one else’s. That’s why we thought it’s time to start our own fully independent custodian service.

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