Together we’re strong.

Knox works closely with renowned institutional banks and brokers and uses the latest financial technology from Blanco.

Partner abn amro clearing

ABN AMRO Clearing

Institutional Bank

ABN AMRO Clearing Bank NV is an independent financial institution with a full bank licence, which is supervised by the European Central Bank, the Dutch Central Bank and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. We are internationally recognised as a leading and specialised player and have an extensive client base of professional traders, investment institutions and other financial institutions. Our direct connection to the global financial markets offers important economies of scale, enabling us to provide high-quality and cost-efficient services. Our processes are fully automated as much as possible, also using the latest technology (such as blockchain or distributed ledger).

Bank balances held directly with ABN AMRO Clearing Bank NV are generally subject to the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme, while securities and derivatives positions held by clients are subject to the statutory regime of segregation of assets (Wge).

Partner afs

AFS Group


AFS is an independent European service provider that has been active since 1860. AFS mediates in a wide range of financial and sustainability instruments for the corporate segment, such as listed shares, funds, bonds and derivatives. AFS has offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Zurich and focuses on asset managers, (private) banks, family offices, investment funds, governments, insurers, market makers and pension funds.

Partner blanco



Blanco offers a digital banking platform that automates the entire asset management cycle, from client onboarding to securities administration and reporting. Blanco’s technology is Knox’s technology. See Blanco’s platform as your own robo advisor: Blanco’s technology makes asset management less complex, more efficient and therefore reduces costs, while the asset manager is still the one who takes care of the client contact and makes the investment decisions. Blanco, but also at Knox, strongly believes in the fact that financial services cannot be provided without human trust and empathy.

Partner kas bank

KAS Bank

Institutional Bank

KAS Bank is an independent institutional bank, founded in 1806, which offers custodian services, and bank accounts for professional organizations and their clients. KAS Bank is connected to 70 global markets and holds offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. KAS Bank is listed at Euronext Amsterdam since 1986.

As asset managers, we prefer to work as independently as possible: we all have our own specific ideas about how to generate the best returns, and we prefer to make important investment decisions for our clients ourselves. We believe that this is how our client’s interest is best served – and no one else’s. That’s why we thought it’s time to start our own fully independent custodian service.

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